Lot# 57454
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Price: $211.25
SELLER: Seth Louthan
HEAD AND WEIGHT 104 Mixed 475# 450#
HEIFER DISCOUNT $20.00 cwt less than Strs.
QUALITY 75% #1's, 25% #1-1/2's
BREEDS 70% Angus, Brangus sired, 30% Charolais sired
FRAME SIZE 100% Medium-Large
FLESH Medium
BRAHMAN BLOOD 70% 1/4 or less 30% 3/8 or less
FEEDING PROGRAM Mothers and Improved Pasture.
HORNS Muley or De-Horned with very few calf horns
HEALTH DETAILS Triangle 5, 8-way Blackleg, De-wormed with Safeguard, Steers Knife-cut. Shots & Dewormed twice. 1 Synovex Implant.
DELIVERY RANGE 03/06/23 - 03/17/23
WEIGH LOCATION Ranch Scales (30 miles SE of Okeechobee FL)
WEIGH CONDITIONS Early morning gather. Sort off cows, sort steers from heifers and cuts, weigh steers, then heifers, and load.
SHRINK 3% Pencil weighed on Ground
COMMENTS Nice mixed load of calves coming off their mothers. Out of X bred cows. Blacks, Charolais colors, few reds, and approx. 10% mixed colors. Uneven in size and fairly uniform in quality. Calves are not tagged.
SALE DATE 02/23/23
REP Matt Clemons 863-634-7298