Lot# 57378
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Price: $1575.00
SELLER: Rio Ranch
HEAD AND WEIGHT 15 Bred Hfrs 950#
BREEDS 100% Beefmaster sired
FEEDING PROGRAM Currently on Fertilized Native Pasture, with no supplemental feed. Free choice complete mineral.
HEALTH DETAILS Virashield 6, 8 way Blackleg, Both VACCINES BOOSTERED. Dewormed twice each year. Two rounds of Vibrio-Lepto-Trich, prior to bull turnout.
DELIVERY RANGE 06/17/22 - 07/29/22
WEIGH LOCATION Ranch Scales (5 miles W of Okeechobee, FL)
COMMENTS 15 coming three year old bred heifers out of Beefmaster bulls on Beefmaster cows. Located near Okeechobee FL. Gate cut...No picking. Will start calving approx October 1, for a 90 day period. Given a red ear tag at preg testing. Current weight 950 lbs+. CLICK ZOOM AT THE SLIDE SHOW TO GET A CLOSER LOOK AT THE HEIFERS! These Heifers will calve as 3 year old's approx. October through December. Bred to Virgin, Low Birthweight Black Angus Bulls. Gentle and handle well.
SALE DATE 06/16/22
REP Jeff Clemons (863) 763-3127