Lot# 57395
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Price: $147.00
SELLER: Todd Clemons Family LLC
HEAD AND WEIGHT 86 Hfrs 560#
QUALITY 85% #1's, 15% #1-1/2's
BREEDS 85% Charolais sired, 15% Angus Sired
FRAME SIZE 100% Medium-Large
FLESH Medium
BRAHMAN BLOOD 80% 1/4 or less 20% 3/8 or less
FEEDING PROGRAM Mothers and Improved Pasture.
HORNS De-horned or Muley
HEALTH DETAILS 2 rounds 8-way Blackleg, de-wormed with Safeguard and Ivomec Plus. Ralgro.
DELIVERY RANGE 07/18/22 - 08/03/22
WEIGH LOCATION Ranch Scales (24 miles NW Okeechobee)
WEIGH CONDITIONS Early morning gather. Sort cattle, weigh and load.
SHRINK 3% Pencil weighed on Ground
COMMENTS Good load of heifers out of X-bred cows. They have good bone and frame and know how to drink from a trough. A little uneven in size. Uniform in quality. Calves are NOT tagged. Date of earliest calf born: October 10, 2022
SALE DATE 06/16/22
REP Todd Clemons (863) 763-3127