Lot# 57422
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Price: $158.25
SELLER: Jerry Mills
HEAD AND WEIGHT 92 Mixed 550# 540#
with a 25# Weight Stop
HEIFER DISCOUNT $15.00 cwt less than Strs.
QUALITY 90% #1's, 10% #1-1/2's
BREEDS 50% Angus Sired, 50% Charolais sired
FRAME SIZE 100% Medium-Large
FLESH Medium
BRAHMAN BLOOD 100% 1/4 or less
FEEDING PROGRAM Fertilized Pasture, Millet, Mothers, Sweetlix Mineral.
HORNS De-horned
HEALTH DETAILS 1st round: Bovishield Gold, Ultrabac 8, Pinkeye Vaccine, Dectomax Inj. and Synovex C.
2nd round: Bovishield Gold, Ultrabac 8, Cydectin Inj.

Knife Cut, dehorned.
WEIGH LOCATION Ranch Scales 15 miles South of Williston FL (30 miles SW Gainesville FL)
WEIGH CONDITIONS 2 herds will be gathered ASAP, sort cows off, and haul calves to scale pens 15 miles on goosenecks. Sort steers from heifers and cuts. Weigh steers, then heifers. Load.
SHRINK 1.5% Pencil weighed on Ground
COMMENTS Mixed load, out of good X-bred, (mostly Brangus type) cows. Coming off their mothers. Fairly even in size, and quality. Load will be approx. 1/2 strs and 1/2 hfrs. Very few off colors. Calves are NOT tagged. Cattle will sell with a $.10 TOP and BOTTOM SLIDE with a 25# Weight STOP, (up to 25 lbs over/under the base weight).***Any weight ABOVE 25 LBS OVER THE BASE WEIGHT is free to the buyer but Buyer will pay contract price plus the slide amount specified in the contract up to 25# under the base weight. No adjustment will be made after 25# under base wt.
SALE DATE 07/14/22
REP Lint Jerrels 352-535-5484