Lot# 574503
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Price: $238.00
SELLER: Colson / Gore
HEAD AND WEIGHT 80 Strs 600#
with a 25# Weight Stop
QUALITY 80% #1's, 20% #1-1/2's
BREEDS 5% Brangus sired, 40% Charolais sired, 5% Hereford sired, 50% Angus Sired
FRAME SIZE 100% Medium-Large
FLESH Medium
BRAHMAN BLOOD 100% 1/4 or less
FEEDING PROGRAM Mothers and Improved Pasture
HORNS Muley or De-Horned with very few calf horns
HEALTH DETAILS 2 rounds shots -- Modified live, Blackleg, Wormed, Implanted and steers knife cut
DELIVERY RANGE 09/01/23 - 09/15/23
WEIGH LOCATION Ranch Scales (Bell)
WEIGH CONDITIONS Early morning gather. Sort the biggest and best calves for load. Calves will be hauled to scale pen and weigh with a 1.5 shrink.
SHRINK 1.5% Pencil weighed on Ground
COMMENTS Colson and Gore are delivering a great set of calves. Raised on their mammas milk, rye in the winter and fertilized bahia grass. Calves know how to drink from a water trough. Calves have good bone and muscle.
SALE DATE 07/13/23
REP Lint Jerrels 352-535-5484