Lot# 57526
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Price: $1700.00
SELLER: Rio Ranch
HEAD AND WEIGHT 15 - 8-9 Year Old Bred Cows 950#
BREEDS 100% Brangus Type
FEEDING PROGRAM Currently on Fertilized Native Pasture, with no supplemental feed. Free choice complete mineral.
HEALTH DETAILS Triangle 5, 8Way blackleg, Vetrimec plus. Were calfhood vaccinated for brucellosis.
DELIVERY RANGE 09/13/23 - 09/19/23
WEIGH LOCATION Ranch Scales (5 miles W of Okeechobee, FL)
COMMENTS 15 eight to nine year old bred Brangus type cows. Mostly black with a few reds and off colors. Located near Okeechobee FL. Gate cut...No picking. Will start calving approx October through December. Pregnancy checked in May, and put in fly tags. Current weight 950 lbs+. CLICK ZOOM AT THE SLIDE SHOW TO GET A CLOSER LOOK AT THE HEIFERS! Bred to Low Birthweight Black Angus and Brangus Bulls. Gentle and handle well.
SALE DATE 09/07/23
REP Jeff Clemons (863) 763-3127