Lot# 57538
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Price: $242.00
SELLER: Tree Air Cattle Company Inc
HEAD AND WEIGHT 85 Mixed 600# 560#
with a 0# Weight Stop
HEIFER DISCOUNT $15.00 cwt less than Strs.
QUALITY 80% #1's, 20% #1-1/2's
BREEDS 100% Brangus, Charolais sired
FRAME SIZE 100% Medium-Large
FLESH Medium
FEEDING PROGRAM Fertilized pastures, free choice mineral, molasses year around.
HEALTH DETAILS Dewormed with Cydectin, Ivermectin, black-leg, Ultrabac 8, Multi-men
DELIVERY RANGE 10/02/23 - 10/11/23
WEIGH LOCATION Ranch Scales, Ona (5 miles from Ona, FL)
WEIGH CONDITIONS Cattle will be transported 15 miles to weigh on ranch scales in Ona, FL
SHRINK 2% Pencil weighed on Ground
COMMENTS Calves are coming off of mother cows. They have had two rounds of vaccinations, and are in good health. Coming off of fertilized bahia pastures, and are water trough broke. They will early morning gathered and shipped 15 miles to covered scale pens.
SALE DATE 09/21/23
REP Todd Harvey 386-288-8059